Membership Benefits

The benefits of ICRI membership have almost limitless potential, based on how much you take advantage of your access to them. The greatest rewards you reap as an ICRI member match the effort you put forth in the organization and grow exponentially from there.

The following explain some of the benefits you will receive as an ICRI member.

Industry Recognition

ICRI members are recognized around the world as companies and individuals that provide the utmost quality in their products and services. It is this recognition that leads prospective customers to you through ICRI services such as our Online Membership Directory.

ICRI members are very proud of the organization they represent and know their membership brings with it a special camaraderie with the colleagues and high level of responsibility to serve the industry.

Peer Networking

The greatest value to any professional organization is the opportunity to meet others in your industry. The people you meet and build relationships with will be the ones you can call upon when in need and will be the ones who may recommend you as a contact for a potential job.

The more involved you are with ICRI member activities, the more likely you are to be called upon by other members for guidance. It is this recognition that will propel you and your company to the forefront of the concrete repair industry.

ICRI also offers the opportunity to network with others in your area through any of our local chapters. ICRI has 35 chapters, including 2 student chapters, in metropolitan areas around the world. Chapters hold technical presentations, educational meetings, symposiums, and local conventions on repair-related topics.

Chapters also provide an outstanding opportunity to meet and build relationships with repair specialists in your area. In addition to the technical meetings, chapters also host golf outings, social evenings, dinner cruises, and other networking events.

Click here to find a chapter near you. If you don’t see a chapter in your area, contact ICRI to find out how you can charter one.

Committee Participation

ICRI Committees are open for participation if you are interested in volunteering. ICRI technical and administrative committees develop programs and establish precedent to further the quality of concrete repair. ICRI members vote on everything from the publication of a guideline and development of industry outreach programs to ICRI Project of the Year Award winners, ICRI Fellows, and direction of a technical committee.

Contact us if you are interested in joining an ICRI Technical Committee.

ICRI Online Membership Directory

When you enroll your company for ICRI membership, you will automatically be listed in our Online Membership Directory.

This directory-a free service ICRI provides the industry-enables people from around the world to locate your company by products, services, specialties, and location. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of concrete repair specialists available.

The only way your company can be listed is by joining ICRI today.

Discounted Pricing

ICRI members enjoy reduced pricing on many of the products and services ICRI provides. Many companies’ memberships pay for themselves through the products and services they purchase throughout the year.

All ICRI members now have access to FREE downloads of most ICRI Technical Guidelines. Sign in to the ICRI website with your member login and you can access the free guidelines (members only) page and start downloading.

The following are some of the things for which members receive discounts:
•    All printed ICRI guidelines and other materials ICRI makes available.
•    All ICRI meetings and conventions.
•    All ICRI-sponsored workshops, tutorials, and symposiums.
•    Advertising in the Concrete Repair Bulletin.

The information above is quoted from the ICRI website.
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